We went to dinner with some friends last night. He commented, "Why on earth to you want to wear a ball weight? When you get to my age your balls already hang low!"

1" Ball Weight at International Mr. Leather 2012 (IML)

by gear essentials


Why indeed! There are many reasons to wear a ball weight:

Not everyone's balls drop as they age--some stay high and tight forever. If you want low-hangers a ball weight is a great way to do it.

The feeling:  I (and many others have reported the same) love the feel of some weight tugging at my balls during sex—whether alone or with my partner.  I like to have my balls pulled (but not yanked!) and even a bit of twist.  Wearing a ball weight leaves a hand free to concentrate somewhere else!  ; )

The increased sensation:  When pulled taut, your balls are stretched and every square inch of skin becomes more alert, more awake and more responsive to every touch, tickle, lick and kiss.

The look:  It just looks hot. 

So, our friend actually stopped and thought a moment when I mentioned that wearing a ball weight frees up a hand for attention somewhere else!  We may get him into a ball weight yet (his wife is open to it, that’s for sure!) 

If you are toying with the idea, start playing with your balls.  Pick up some wide shoelaces or tie an old white t-shirt into strips.  You can make your own ball stretcher this way.  (Consider it a DIY project!) If you are wearing a cock ring, tuck one end underneath the cock ring and then start winding.  Wrap your balls up (like a mummy) as tightly or as loosely as you like.  Experiment with it.  You will soon find what you do and do not like.  If you like the feeling and the sensitivity in your balls, try adding the weight.  Gear essentials is here for you when you are ready!

In the meantime, take the time to play with your body, experiment with your beautiful body and most of all—ENJOY!



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