Here’s another in a series of pictures from “Fan for Life” Jimmy!  Jimmy bought his first ring several years ago based on a friend’s recommendation.  He goes on to write:  “I’d purchased a number of cheap, low-quality rings before, but as soon as I saw the pictures on your website, I knew I’d never buy from anyone else again.”


Jimmy’s 2 1/8 Brushed Imperial Cock Ring from gear essentials


We have printed Jimmy’s comments before—but we find we cannot say it any better!  He writes:  “Whether I’m wearing it under my clothes (what a bulge!) or using it to service my partner (we both moan with pleasure), I know it’s there, getting the job done with authority!”

Keep getting the job done, Jimmy!  We are glad you enjoy your Imperial.  Jimmy also sports a 4 gauge Prince Albert.  He has a nice dick (big and heavy 2 1/8 cock ring and 7 ½” long)—and knows how to enhance it!

Want to get the job done?  Try the Imperial for yourself.  Made of solid stainless steel, weighing in at about six ounces and with a .6” bandwidth—you will know you have it on.  ENJOY!



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