Here's one of our customers at International Mr. Leather 2012 (IML) who was able to wear a one inch (16 ounce) ball weight with style.  Most guys have to start with a half inch and then work up to a one inch but this guy had awesome low hangers.  He loved the feeling!


IML Customer Models His New 1" 16 Ounce Ball Weight from gear essentials


This weight provides plenty of tug and, with the secure Allen wrench closure, it ensures that it won't fall off in your jeans.  (One word of caution though--if you wear a size that is too loose it can fall off especially when you get cold and things shrink up!)  The weight can heighten sexual tension and sensitivity.  If you wear it while fucking, the ball weight swings with your thrusts and provides additional sensation to your partner.  That is what we call a win-win.

I will admit that until a year ago I thought a ball weight was a fetish oddity.  Then I tried one.  I was immediately sold—and immediately hard!  I love the feeling (but then I like a bit of tug and twist on my balls during sex).  I also love the sensations when I wear it during the course of my day.  Fetish or not, why deny yourself the pleasure!

Try a gear essentials' ball weight and ENJOY!



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