We at gear essentials sure have a good time at International Mr. Leather (IML).  It is a great time to meet friends and long-time customers and we try to always bring something new.  Here is a picture of a customer wearing his new Strut stainless steel cock ring--the Strut was introduced for International Mr. Leather 2011.  It is a sexy, sculpted solid stainless steel cock ring that has enjoyed HUGE success.


An IML Customer Enjoys His New Strut Cock Ring from gear essentials

I love how a cock ring 'chubs up' my dick--it has done the same for our friend pictured above.  It makes you want to reach out and touch, doesn't it?  Imaging cupping his big balls as you draw nearer to the thick shaft of his cock.  One had slides up and under his shirt to tweak a nipple as you watch his dick stretch and harden.  Blood pours into his lengthening rod as you both grow more excited.  The Strut keeps the blood from escaping so he stays long and hard. Is that a drop of pre-cum glistening from his piss-slit?  You crouch down to inspect.  One thing leads to another when you are wearing a cock ring...

Experience the joy of the Strut--and ENJOY!





Mark—we are so glad you ordered a Strut Cock Ring. I recall that this is not your first time at the gear essentials’ rodeo! We hope you enjoy it as much as your others.

And—we are flattered that our blogs make you chub up, buddy! Gee, now WE are getting a big head! ; )

Thanks for your feedback—we appreciate it!



And it did the same for me…I got my new Strut in the mail today and as I read this write-up my dick began to “chub up” in my hand big time! And yes, I also experienced the joys of flowing pre-cum followed by a very nice load of the real thing!! Thanks!!!

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