Take the Plunge--with THREE great looks:  The Plunge cock ring, the Total Plunge cock ring and the CellBlock 13 Grappler Jock Strap by Timoteo!  The cock rings are made by gear essentials and the Jock Strap is available on our web site.


The Plunge Cock Ring, Total Plunge Cock Ring and the CellBlock13 Grappler Jock


Super light-weight and comfortable, the Plunge and Total Plunge cock rings are part of the new ROBO aluminum line and were introduced at International Mr. Leather 2012 (IML) in Chicago.  The response was HUGE!  Customers told us they loved the light-weight feeling and new comfort-fit interior.  The Plunge is .6 inches wide and the Total Plunge is nearly an inch (.9" wide).  The light-weight aluminum is solid so there is no coating to pit or wear away.  They do everything a cock ring is supposed to do yet are so comfortable you forget you have them on!  These are great for all day/play-all-night wear (but please do not sleep in cock rings).  And the styling is beautiful.

Why don't you take the plunge today!  ENJOY!





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