Ben gives great feedback!

In May, Ben and I chatted about how much he loves his charcoal Titan (gear essentials no longer manufacturers the charcoal) and Ben decided to try the new aluminum Full Screw cock ring from the newly introduced ROBO line.  At the time I told him we would be interested in his feedback.

The verdict is in:  He likes it!


The Aluminum Full Screw Cock Ring from gear essentials

Ben writes:  "You said you were interested in my reaction to the Full Screw. After some time and experimentation I have found it not as difficult to wear for extended times as I had expected (actually easier than the .6 Titan due to the weight and associated pull of the Titan). You are correct in better to be free [Jay's note:  I had mentioned that the Half Screw at .6 inches is super comfortable for all day wear in your underwear; however, the Full Screw feels much better with boxers or when going commando]; anything pushing back (ring pulling scrotum out and wrapping back) for any period of time created an ache (and extended sensitivity for a day or so with normally comfortable rings). Otherwise it quickly became generally unnoticed. Final comment is the finish has so far stayed shiny and bright (through hot tub chemicals, showers etc). Although personally I like a  darker finish (having had the gray/black for years). I did like the brushed finish on the stainless and may get a couple of those in the tighter size..."

The new aluminum ROBO series rings feel great, wear well and do everything a metal cock ring is supposed to do!  Join Ben and enjoy a really good FULL Screw!  Enjoy!




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