We took CellBlock 13 to International Mr. Leather 2012 (IML) to see how our customers would like it.  Many of you stopped and stared at our model (he does have a pleasingly perky ass!) and then had to check out our CellBlock 13 underwear collection.  We were so happy with it that we put it on the gear essentials website to share with you.


The Prizefighter Jock Brief by CellBlock 13

We are carrying blue, yellow and red mesh--and for only $23.95.  (Check the website to see shots of the exposed asses!  These are assless briefs.)  They are hot and super comfortable.  And best yet, they have enough pouch room to give you the space you need for cockrings and ballweights--not to mention your big dicks! 

So sizzle in CellBlock 13 at the gym, on the town or in the bedroom and ENJOY!




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