Spencer Reed is the latest and greatest on the porn scene.  One look (okay, maybe two) will tell you why!  His hotness is only enhanced by the clothes he is wearing (as my grandma always said, "Clothes make the man.")

Spencer Reed Half In (& Half OUT!) of the CellBlock 13 Singlet Jock

by Timoteo & now available on gear essentials


He is looking hot in the all NEW CellBlock 13 Singlet Jock.  Designed by Timoteo, this hot singlet features an assless back (for greater freedom--and it's cooler!)  Wide back straps lift and support so you show a perky ass to the world!  The slimming black looks hot on everyone.  Check it out--as well as more of the CellBlock 13 line on gearessentials.com!  And ENJOY!





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