I had a conversation with a retailer the other day about ball weights.  She didn't quite understand why guys like them.  I had to be frank with her and admit that prior to trying one on I just didn't get it either.  Those of you following this blog might be familiar with how I got turned on to ball weights.  If not, read on...

IML 2012 Customer Wearing His New Ball Weight* by gear essentials

*8 Ounce 1/2" Bandwidth Stainless Steel Split Ring Ball Weight


I was one of the guys who considered ball weights to be kind of 'fetish-y'.  My first International Mr. Leather (IML) was in 2011.  During our first two days we sold only a couple of ball weights.  I thought, "I'm going to wear a ball weight, model it and we are going to sell some of these babies!" (So obviously I had some latent interest if I was willing to go out on that limb!)  Well, sell them we did--it was crazy!  People were interested but apparently afraid to ask.  When guys would stop to look and touch the ball weights (they are beautifully made and just beg to be caressed) I would let them know I had one on and lift my kilt to show it off!  (Really, my mama did NOT raise me to be that kind of boy!) I guess I appear pretty conservative so guys figured if I would wear one (and love it by the way--that experience totally opened my eyes) they could too. 

At IML this year three of us wore ball weights and we sold out of a couple of sizes.  Who knew?! 

So why do I love my ball weight?  My first ball weight--just like the one shown above--was an 8 ounce 1/2" bandwidth.  It is basically a split ring cock ring.  I have decent sized balls so I wear a 1.5" diameter (it is also available in a 1.25").  The first time I put it on I popped a woody.  I was pretty amazed.  I love the look (just check the picture above and you will see why) and feel.  I like a little tug and twist on my balls when I masturbate or during sex--so the ball weight really caters to that desire.  And even better--it frees up the hand that would be occupied doing that to do other things!  Sex is incredible with that thing on!  My orgasms are more intense and amazingly I cum more.

I also often wear my ball weight during the day.  I love the feeling of it gently tugging with each step I take.  It gently reminds me that I have something extra special on under my clothes--my own little secret (although it makes my package a little more pronounced and my schwing more noticeable as well!)  The split ring fastens using an Allen wrench--some guys think this looks hard core but it is pretty easy to do and it helps ensure that it won't easily pop off during the day.  (Can you see it?  "Um, yeah.  Oh, that?  Yeah...my doctor prescribed it--it's a magnet for better circulation.  Yeah, that's it!")  Another key to making sure it doesn't pop off is to order the smallest size possible. 

I now can wear heavier sizes.  At this past IML I wore a 24 ounce 1 1/2" bandwidth ball weight (not quite our heaviest ball weight) for a nine-hour day.  I will admit I was very ready to take that sucker off at the end of the day!  I had sore balls--pleasantly so but sore nonetheless!  The next day I was back into my nice little 8 ouncer!

A lot of guys who were interested in buying ball weights at IML wanted to immediately wear the largest size.  (Go BIG or go home!)  Most of us cannot pop one of those babies on right away.  You may have huge balls but not enough sack to wear a large bandwidth split ring.  In those instances it is best to start with the smaller ball weight and work your way up to the larger size as your ball sack stretches out.  (It also helps to put your ball weight on immediately after getting out of a hot shower--our balls drop most then because of the heat which makes it easier to put on the ball weight.  To illustrate how this works, I can wear a 1 1/2" bandwidth (24 ounce) in a 1.5" diameter but not a 1.25" diameter.  However, I can comfortably fit into a .5" (8 ounce) 1.25" diameter ball weight because it 'captures' less material (aka ball sack).

You can have a ball too!  Experience the sensuous pleasure of that band of stainless steel wrapped around your balls.  And most of all--ENJOY!





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