From “The Sexual Life of Adam G”.  (Adam is based in Poland, provides escort services for women and writes a blog.)





Here is an excerpt from Adam's blog translated from Polish:

“Gosh I write I write, and barely nibbled on vibrators, and where are the other toys including those for men?  Maybe I’ll just say more about the rings, and it is only because most women are like when I am for them banded.  I have them in a drawer a dozen, from thin and light to thick and heavy, from silicone, the plastic, leather, and even wood, but I like most metal.  The customers claim that not only my penis looks killer but they also claim that the feeling when it rubs against their clitoris during intercourse is more than pleasant.  Furthermore, undoubtedly prolong intercourse."

So you heard it from Adam:  Whether straight or gay, your partner will appreciate you being banded (wearing a cock ring) during intercourse.  And he specifically calls out gear essentials as his favorite source for metal cock rings. 

Sounds like a winner, Adam!  Thanks for the kind words and continue to ENJOY!



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