At dinner last night, the discussion came around to last week's blog on nipple clamps.  A friend shared his experience from the night before (we hope we were the inspiration for this!)  A buddy stopped by for some intimate play.

At one point, the nipple clamps and clothes pins came out (you would be amazed at the ordinary household items that can make sex play more fun!)  The nipple clamps went on his tits alternated by clothespins.  As we've discussed before, the amazing rush comes when the nipple clamps come off and the blood freely flows into the nipples again!  (For those of you who want to try this at home, in addition to the nipple clamps he was using three clothespins per nipple.)


The Gift of Nipple Clamps


At one point a vibrator also came out.  His buddy's dick and balls were covered with clothes pins up and down his engorged shaft and balls--every square inch was covered.  He gently touched the nipple clamps and clothes pins with the vibrator and got a shudderingly amazing reaction from his fuck buddy!  Each buzz of the vibrator touched off an intense shudder in his partner.  The sexual intensity grew and grew until the nipple clamps were pulled off and his dick exploded with showers of cum all over his writhing torso!

gear essentials is all about finding your sexual bliss!  Nipple clamps (and throw in some clothes pins) and a vibrator--you can catch this incredible sexual buzz--and ENJOY!



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