I will confess that I don't have a 'type', but I likes what I likes!  This ginger bear pictured below bought a gear essentials' Surge aluminum cock ring at International Mr. Leather (IML) 2012.  Don't you just want to give him a hug and take him home?!  (And what a smile!)


IML Ginger Bear Sporting His New Surge Cock Ring from gear essentials


I am really loving my light-weight aluminum Surge cock ring.  Like our customer above, it has a clean, fresh design and makes it look like your dick is absolutely exploding out of the ring!  Because of its 100% aluminum construction, it is healthy to wear next to your family jewels and it is super-comfortable for all day/play-all-night wear!  I forget I'm even wearing it--until it counts!  Then I know it is there keeping the blood pumped in my hard rod so I am firmer, fuller and ready for action!

Did I mention the design?!  (I know!  I know!)  But this ring has an elegance all its own--it's now my favorite beach cock ring--you should see how beautiful it is when you emerge from the surf--beads of water glistening on its silky-smooth surface while it is wrapped around my chubbed-up surging dick.  And it really pops next to my tan!  Does it get any better?

Jump into all life has to offer!  And remember...ENJOY!



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