Have I mentioned that gear essentials sold out of several sizes of ball weights at International Mr. Leather last May?!  I have a reputation for being a good ball weight fitter (and no, there was NO internship or schooling for this skill!)  Our boys kept me very busy!


An IML 2012 Customer Models His BIG Ball Weight on His BIG Balls!


We modeled ball weights at IML and it helped folks visualize how they work--and see how hot they are!  This IML customer has low-hanging balls that are perfect for a heavier/wider split ring ball weight.  (And if he had been modeling for us I suspect we would have doubled the number of ball weights that found new homes!  Handsome, isn't he? This is one very good-looking uncut dick.)  He is wearing a 1 1/2" bandwidth 24 ounce ball weight. Like all of our ball weights it is made of high-quality stainless steel so it safe to wear next to your tender flesh on a daily basis.  He definitely notices this weight! 

What are the benefits of a heavy ball weight?  I often wear my smaller 8 ounce ball weight on a daily basis. I find the weight to be a comfort and I enjoy the tug--it's a sensual thrill.  I can wear the large weight pictured above but after nine hours I am very happy to take it off!  (However there is an erotic pleasure in that as well!)  Wearing the heavier weight gives more pleasure to your sexual partner because the weight bounces off the perineum with every thrust thereby offering more stimulation.  The tug on the balls also offers a sensual thrill to the wearer.

Have a BIG ball--and ENJOY!



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