Mark goes solo!  (We appreciate it when our customers share their pics with us.  It makes us happy to see our products used well!)

If you have been watching these blog posts, you have seen Mark before.  The last post was on 8/10/12 when Mark demonstrated stacking cock rings.  He stacked three Titans--making the equivalent of a 1.2 inch bandwidth ring--that will keep you up!!


gear essentials' Customer Mark Shares His Solo .4 inch Mirrored Titan


If you are looking for an elegantly slim cock ring, the Titan may just be your choice.  Available in three bandwidths--.2 inch, .4 inch and .6 inch (and of course, as Mark demonstrated you can always stack cock rings if you want more)--you will love this minimalist intimate jewelry.  Made of quality American stainless steel (and manufactured in a place called Minnesota) these rings do everything you want a cock ring to do.




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