A slow grin crossed my face as I was pressed up against the wall with my pants around my ankles. One of my horny classmates was pounding my ass! And I was loving it.

When we got to my room I had grabbed his huge package. I hadn't been able to keep my eyes off it during class. He looked huge! We locked lips and he plunged his tongue down my throat. He pulled back slightly and chewed on my lower lip. I took the opportunity to dive to the floor and yank on his zipper. Out plopped the fattest dick I had ever seen--and it was getting bigger by the second! This huge cock uncoiled from within his pants. My hands, with a mind of their own, hung on to it like a fireman grabbing a hose! I pulled his foreskin over his glistening head and nibbled at the soft bits on the end. My left hand slid down to the base and bumped into hard steel. His dick wasn't the only thing hard in his pants!

"What's this?!" I asked.

"My cock ring, man. I love the way it makes me feel--and you are going to love the way it makes YOU feel!" He replied. "I bought it on-line. It's called the Torque. A buddy recommended it." 

I let out a low whistle. "I'd like to be torqued by that!"

With that he spun me around and pushed me against the wall. My jeans were yanked down to my ankles and he sprayed Fusion lube on his hardening cock. I could feel him lining up the tip of that mammoth rod against my tight asshole. Precum was oozing out of his dick as he started to invade my ass. Bit by bit he stretched me wider and wider to make room for his big dick. Moist and warm, his skin gently rubbed the folds of my glory hole. I was glad he had been liberal with the lube. In fact, the only sound I heard, other than my moans of pleasure, was the sound of his lubed man-meat pushing further and further into me.


The Torque Stainless Steel Cock Ring by gear essentials


I gasped as I felt another thrust. I felt his pubes tickling me and his balls pressing against me. His big hands slid up my torso under my t-shirt causing waves of heat to course through my body. His thumbs brush over my hard and erect nipples. Responding to my groans of pleasure, he grabs them between thumbs and fingers and starts to pinch and twist. Like an electric current, shock waves zip from tits to dick making me instantly hard! At the same time he pulls that monster cock out and starts grinding his hips in a circular motion. The tip of his dick has found my prostate and I shudder and moan in complete surrender and delight. He has made me his. He owns me now.

He pulls out and then savagely thrusts back in until I swear his hard serpent of a dick is going to emerge from my throat with its tongue twitching. It is as though it is searching for a path to my heart--well, he has found it. I have taken the apple, eaten from it and bask in the delight of the knowledge it brings. 

He pushed my arching back away from him slightly. I take this as a sign that he is ready to get down to serious business. In response I spread my feel wider to give him all the access he wants. He takes a deep breath and pulls almost all the way out of my chute. I feel so empty--destitute really. I want! The tip of his dick teases my hole. He pushes in again and my ass stretches wide to receive this hard flesh missile. He pushes until he is all the way in. He presses down hard as if he suddenly wishes God had given him just another inch. He wants to fill me up--and he has. I have been completely invaded by this man. I quiver as now he pulls out and then quickly pushes back in  In and out, in and out--the rhythm starts to mesmerize me as though I am in this warm and safe Zen space. The warmth of his dick and the friction with my inside radiates a warmth that heats me to the tips of my toes. His breathing comes faster and deeper. I realize that he is at that point of no return. He cannot stop and I do not want him to stop. My roommate could walk in at this very moment and, despite our embarrassment, there would be no stopping us!  He continued his ramming and suddenly came a thrust harder than any thus far. He was lost in the sensations pulsating from his hard cock. He shuddered and trembled and continued to move in and out as though by sheer momentum as he threw his head back and moaned--a cry that came from the core of his being. A cry that had its roots in the hearts of our caveman past. He has his dick in another man. His dick tenses and then came the amazing release. The twitching of his dick and a new sense of warmth told me what had happened.

He clutched to my body and shivered. Slowly his hard cock slackened enough to slide out of my tight hole. I couldn't believe how big he still was. He smiled as tugged at his chubby cock covered with his juices. He reached around and kissed me gently.

"Wow." I sighed. "That was amazing."

"And that," he replied, "is why I love my Torque."

And that is when I realized that I loved his Torque too. 



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