For years cock rings were considered the domain of the 'clones'--gay leather men.  Then gay bears got in on the act.  Later skinheads adopted this highly functional jewelry.  The naturists forced us to up our game because they wanted to jazz up the merchandise (hey--there are only so many ways you can accessorize when you are nekkid!)  Soon anyone wanting a hot package and a huge boner was snapping them up!

A couple of months ago we posted a review by Dick from  They are a married couple and blog about their experience with various sex toys.  They loved gear essentials' cock rings!  This is when we realized that straight women love us!  (This frankly caused a bit of a Sally Field moment:  "You love me!  You really love me!"  Hey, we are human y'know!)

This past week we heard from Brendan, another straight customer.  He wrote:

"I just received my Master Celtic cockring, and I have to say WOW! It's quite substantial and I couldn't be more impressed with the quality. The weight, the feel, and of course, the hardening effect! However, I feel that a smaller size is necessary so I ordered another one. This time I chose The Plunge. My concern is that I am meeting my girlfriend in a week and I was hoping to use it during our trip. Is there any chance that it might arrive in time - say, by Thursday afternoon?"

In the spirit of sexual harmony and good sex, we are making sure that Brendan and his girlfriend have the benefit of a new Plunge cock ring by Thursday!  (And if she is reading, here is a picture of what is awaiting her!):

Brendan's New Master Celtic Engraved by gear essentials

Based on this shot we suspect Brendan's girlfriend is going to have a good time (and we appreciate the manscaping!  It shows off the cock rings better!) 

Brendan, please write back and let us know what your girlfriend thought.

The Master (shown above) has a nice weight to it.  Women report that this weight makes for a more satisfying thrust.  In addition, we are told that it stimulates the clit.  We are all for stimulation!

The Plunge is from our new aluminum ROBO line--it is lightweight and super-comfortable, yet still keeps the blood flow in, gives great erection and makes the head pop like Brendan's!

The point of all this--ENJOY!!




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