"Everyone has a butt"  - Dick

We blush a bit when we have to be reminded by a straight guy that it is Anal Sex Month!  (At gear essentials we tend to get a bit preoccupied with the other end.) However, when it is Dick from Dick-n-Jane.com doing the reminding, we are pretty honored to be in such esteemed company.  You see, we frankly have crushes on them. 

It's true--and we think well-deserved.  When I read Dick's August 2nd blog I practically swooned.  This is one amazing guy! 

We also wish we had written this blog--but since we didn't, we are linking you to it so you can see what a great guy Dick is.  We are wondering how many straight guys are in touch with their prostates and willing to have it tickled!  (We are warning you though, once you experience the joys of prostate massage you may never stop!)

The link:  http://www.dick-n-jane.com/2012/08/evidence-of-good-night-dick.html

The problem is that--and this applies to straight as well as gay guys--you have to get past the stigma of it as well as your tight little cherry asshole.  Loosen up guys!  Take a hot shower.  Sneak a finger (or two) in.  Wiggle it around and you will find this amazing bump (often referred to as the male 'g' spot) that will send you to the moon.  And then to Mars.  Enjoy the ride!

TitanMen Tools--available at gear essentials

If you need a little help, we can offer the TitanMen tools.  They are flared so you don't need to worry about any embarrassing trips to the emergency room.  They are specifically designed to seek out your prostate and then make love to it!  They have a firm exterior and pliable interior so they have a bit of give.  They are also anti-bacterial and dishwasher safe (question--any of you ever run your toys through the dishwasher?  Low-heat?!)

We also carry a toy cleaner that makes clean up easy and keeps your toys safe. 

Our goal:  bring things to you that expand your enjoyment of all that life has to offer!  You may be a meat-and-potato sort of person, but sometimes a splash of special sauce elevates you to a whole new level of enjoyment! 



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Dick of Dick-n-Jane.com

Dick of Dick-n-Jane.com

I love anal sex month! It beats the heck out of all that masturbation I did in May. Thanks for the link back guys… we love you too!

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