We've been hearing the phrase 'go big or go home' a lot around the gear essentials' office lately!  When I saw the picture of this well-endowed International Mr. Leather (IML) 2012 customer (below), that saying immediately popped into my head.


Well-endowed IML Customer Wears His NEW 2" 32 Ounce Ball Weight


This guy has seen a ball weight before!  (Very few guys start out with the Big Daddy-sized split ring ball weight--we usually have to work up to something like this!)  Nature has blessed him though.  He is very well-endowed. 

The ball weight can feel terrific!  The gentle (or as the sizes increase less-than-gentle) weights tug on the balls which many men (including yours truly) find amazingly erotic.  In addition, his partner will appreciate the extra sensations while being fucked as the ball weight swings with each thrust.

Wearing a ball weight also feels awesome under a kilt (as pictured)--there is nothing to constrict it or keep it (and your 'junque') from swinging free!  It's an awesome feeling (and the breezes are nice too!)  Of course when you are at IML, chances are your kilt is going to get lifted as folks try to determine if it really is true that we wear nuthin under our kilts!  (It's true!)




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