You KNOW we love our accessories!  What could be better than a super-hot Prizefighter Jock Brief (CellBlock 13 by Timoteo) and the new ROBO aluminum Total Plunge cock ring?  Rub these together and you will have sparks!


The Prizefighter Jock Brief and Total Plunge Cock Ring by gear essentials


The CellBlock 13 line by Timoteo is a new addition to gear essentials' website.  Folks have really been loving it!  The Prizefighter Jock Brief is a particularly hot look constructed of a clingy mesh that shows off the goodies within!  Turn around and your best assets are even more obvious!  Wide leg straps support, lift and frame your ass.  Show it off!

The Total Plunge cock ring is one of our widest aluminum cock rings at .9 inches wide.  New for 2012 it is super-light and super-comfortable (designed with the new comfort fit interior).  If you have avoided cock rings because you think they are clunky and heavy, this ring will totally change your mind.  You may forget you even have it on UNTIL your dick is called to active duty.  The blood flows into your cock resulting in a harder, firmer, fuller dick.  Your partner will thank you--or, if you are jacking off, YOU will thank you!  Be hot in your Prizefighter Jock and have your best sex ever in your new cock ring from gear essentials!






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