True confessions:  I did one of the worst things (okay, top ten) a blogger can do.  I confused Mark with another customer.  I don't know how I did it.  Mark is a regular gear essentials' customer--and he has sent in some really hot pictures (which you can see in earlier blogs).  Mark, ever the gentleman, kindly pointed out the error of my ways and set me straight (if you will pardon the pun).  As my daughter recently pointed out to me, excuses are a waste of breath but know that I apologized to Mark and told him I would make it right. 

And I did.


Double Your Pleasure--Mark in His gear essentials' Titan Cock Ring


But now I have another confession:  Mark also pointed out that I have more pictures of him--so here is another Mark pic!  (I am not sure how I missed it.) 

Mark proudly wears his Titan mirrored cock ring in the picture above.  This is a great ring--minimalist and elegant, it isn't bulky or clunky.  It gives your dick a jaunty lift and pops it out at a pleasing angle.  You can also tell that it chubs you up a bit--even when 'at rest'!  When called to action, the cock ring keeps the blood in your hardening cock so you become engorged resulting in a harder, firmer and fuller erection.  That's how you get the job done!  And if you are just about masturbation or sucking, you will notice that your nerve endings come alive and you are more sensitive for an even more powerful orgasm.

This is such a win-win!

And I am so happy that Mark loves gear essentials and our products.

Check it out and ENJOY!


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Yes, yes you did make it right! Thanks for your kind words of praise!!

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