Have I mentioned that we love International Mr. Leather (IML)?  It's a rare opportunity for us to meet with our customers, say hello to old friends and get feedback on our current products as well as requests for new ones.  We are working at finding more opportunities to get out from behind our desks and meet y'all!

Oh, and we get to see THIS (see below--as if you could miss it!)


IML Customer Explodes Out of Harness & 8 Oz. Ball Weight by gear essentials

We suspect this guy was very popular at IML!  His new 8 oz. 1/2" bandwidth split ring Ball Weight looks great with his harness.  And his huge dick.

This picture reminded me of an e-mail exchange I had with another customer today.  He wrote asking about the difference in thickness between the Titan and the Master Cock Rings.  I replied that the Master is considerably thicker than the Titan.  He e-mailed the following:

"Thanks.  I would probably be better off then with a Titan if I also want to wear a 16 oz. ball weight, no?"

And because I can't write just one sentence I rambled:  "The Titan provides a great low profile so you have less risk of banging it (or clanging as you walk--that's always kind of fun!)  ; )  It depends a bit on how low you hang.  At IML I wore my Imperial with my 24 oz. ball weight all day and it was not a problem.  That is part of the fun of having different rings and weights to switch out.  I do have some scratches on my 8 oz. (this is one I wear most regularly) from where it has bumped the cock ring.  This is unavoidable (sitting, etc.)  I don't worry about scratches..."  (Because I get to feel great wearing both of them at the same time!)

I love my job!  And I love our products.  And now, I'm going to go have sex!






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