If you have been following this blog you have seen this dick before--it's MARK!!

We appreciate Mark--he always send pictures of his latest gear essentials' purchases.  (He just picked up two more rings this week so I suspect we'll be seeing more pictures soon!)

Mark's Titan .2 Cock Ring from gear essentials


Shown here is a picture of Mark's .2 Titan.  The .2 means that it is 2/10ths of an inch wide.  (The Titan also comes in a .4 inch and .6 inch.) This is gear essentials' smallest cock ring.  It is a great first-time ring to give you a sense of why we love them!

Dr. Chaves was asked about cock rings in his askmen.com column.  The writer had received a cock ring from a friend and didn't know what it was for or how to use it. Dr. Chaves writes:  "You’ve got to love the gifts that can make sex better and erections harder. I wish more people would give sex toy gifts. I’d be out of work, but the world would be a happier place. A cock ring is used to help men maintain their erections. They slow the blood flow out of the penis, keeping the penis harder and giving the feeling of a stronger erection."

Oh, and we think they look hot too!

The Titans are also great for stacking (we have a photo of Mark stacking cock rings in an earlier blog).  Stacking cock rings means you can create the look and width you want--when you want it! 

Thanks for sharing, Mark--and ENJOY!



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