We have been hearing a LOT about Fifty Shades of Grey.  We have to admit that while distributors have been urging us to jump on this bandwagon, most of the guys we run into think the book is pretty ho-hum. (Although a lot of our straight friends tell us they love their girlfriends' reactions when they are reading the series.  Reading the books = MORE SEX!  And as far as we are concerned, that is always a good thing.)

We may be a shade (if you'll pardon the pun) biased but we suspect that our gay clientele has always been a couple of light years ahead of current trends.


Four Shades of Gay:  Quarter, Half & Full Screw Cock Rings; Leathers; Nipple Clamps & Handcuff


We know that toys can increase the fun and the pleasure.  The gear essentials' line-up currently includes the cock rings, nipple clamps and handcuffs shown.  (We suspect that the guy with his back to us is wearing a ball weight as well!)  Whether you party solo (hey, I've had some very hot times all by myself), with a monogamous partner or with a group of friends, spice it up with the accessories!

Cock ring:  Increase you girth!  Stay harder longer!  How many ways can we say that your dick will be huger, your nerve endings more alive and your partner more satisfied!?  More is better!

Nipple clamps:  Most folks (male and female) love having their nips played with.  Start with a little tongue, some nibbling and then a little tug.  While women are more open to it, guys are starting to figure out that having their tits played with is a one way ticket to heaven!  I've known tops whose asses open wide with a little tit foreplay.  (Add a beer and we're talking POWER BOTTOM!)  Pop the tit clamps on and now you have hands (and mouth) free to focus on other areas!  In addition, the chain swinging against the belly and tugging at those taut titties and you have now opened a whole new gamut of hot sensations.  Damn!  Life is good!

Handcuffs:  True confession time:  My partner will tell anyone who will listen that I am a control freak.  Pop a pair of cuffs on me (and cover my eyes--but that is another blog) and you have a quivering mess acutely attuned to every brush of the lip, flick of the tongue and glance with a feather (yup, another blog!)  Connect each hand to a bedpost and your partner is very vulnerable.  (Just remember, turnabout is fair play so play fair!)

Your Brain:  The experts say that our largest sexual organ is the brain.  (Okay, I've met some of you and for you it probably really IS your dick.  And you are welcome for the affirmation!  But no one likes a one-trick pony.)  Some days you may want slam/bam and other days you just need simple vanilla.  But if you are getting bored or feeling jaded, reach for the cuffs and slip one on--you will be pleasantly surprised by the results!  It's all good.

And always remember--ENJOY!




Photo by Richard Yates, http://richardyatesphotography.blogspot.com/




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