Here in the corn-fed Midwest, there is a definite sense that fall is in the air.  The days are still hot but the nights are getting cool, leaves are changing color and the 'Back to School' section at the store is looking picked over.  The big yellow school buses will soon be out and high school football will be ramping up.  That line of thinking always brings me to a mental image of my high school wrestling coach.  Naked.  In the showers.  (Do coaches even shower with their students anymore?  Penn State has probably put a kibosh on that.)  My coach was drop-dead gorgeous.  Dumb as a stump but who cared?

Those initial 'coming-of-age' impressions stay with us through our entire life.  This is why the fantasy of a hot, hairy stud with a big bulging package still makes me hard.

We can help you relive those high school fantasies in CellBlock 13's hot assless Singlet designed by Timoteo.  This stretchy material hugs your every bulge--your opponent will know whether he (or she!) is getting you hot and bothered or not!

CellBlock 13's Singlet at gear essentials


    Spencer Reed: Ready to Wrestle in CellBlock 13's PrizeFighter!


Spencer Reed Halfway In--or Out--of the CellBlock 13 Singlet


Enjoy the full line of CellBlock 13 at gear essentials.  These jocks are great for working out or every day wear. And of course you will want to pump up your package with a cock ring--it pays to advertise!

Enjoy reliving those fantasies and memories--and create some new ones!  Spice up your love life.  And most of all--ENJOY!




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