Several weeks ago we shared some hot pictures and compliments from Brendan, one of our Het customers.  He purchased a brand spanking new stainless steel cock ring after reading Dick's review of gear essentials on  Here's the link:

Brendan and I were e-mailing back and forth when I thanked him for his photos and then complimented him (we all think his girlfriend is very lucky!)  He responded: 

"Thank you for the compliments, I will 'take that to the bank,' haha.  You all at Gear Essentials have treated me with such enthusiasm and professionalism.  I cannot help but be filled with gratitude and, moreover, I am altogether impressed.  A while back, I found the GE website through the Dick-n-Jane blog.  When I spied the Celtic ring that Dick was sporting I was in a daze.  Why should the chicks get to have all the fun, right? I really dig having all kinds of fun in the bedroom, and like Dick I think it's perfectly fine -- and advocated -- for straight men to put themselves out there for their partners and let the women have a go on our backsides.  No doubt, it is a very interesting experience as a first timer, but it surely precipitated a deeper intimacy that I would have never anticipated between my lady and I. 

A Rear View (not Brendan's) in CellBlock 13's Prizefighter Jock Brief


"As I'm sure you have noticed, I like 'getting weird.' Not to recommend that any of the things in the blog or on the website are truly weird, I just use the term to describe fun, explorative activities in the bedroom that can be uncomfortable for some people (LOL) to talk about openly.  Recently, I took a trip with my girlfriend and wanted to surprise her with my cockrings.  As things heated up in the bedroom I told her that I had a surprise and she should close her eyes and hold out one hand.  "I have a new piece of jewelry to show you," I said (later I found out that she thought I had pierced my cock! Haha).  Well as she felt around down there in my underpants she let out a kind of gasp and was really intrigued by what she could feel -- cool-to-the-touch metal.  Before long, my new ring brought an unprecedented kind of pleasure to us both and makes me feel extra special because I can now adorn my favorite little dude whenever/wherever I please, not only when I'm anticipating sex. By the way, if Dick is reading this on the blog, I decided to wear mine in the airport!



Brendan is Hard & Ready in His New Engraved Cock Ring from gear essentials

"If the rest of Gear Essentials' employees are as warm and cheery as those who I have interacted with, I will certainly be a repeat offender in purchases of doodads."

Thanks, Brendan--you totally made our day!  We are so glad you and your girlfriend are enjoying your new cock ring and are looking forward to many more pictures! 

(Hey, what did the TSA think of that hot hunk of metal in your pants?  Let us know!)




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