Warning:  This post is for our Straight customers!

Brendan (see our post from 8/29/12) reminded us of Dick's (of Dick-n-Jane fame) wonderful comments regarding his Imperial cock ring.  This stainless steel cock ring weighs in at about six ounces and has a great heft to it.  He bought it for a special trip with his girlfriend--and she loved it!  Brendan's e-mail reminded me to look at Dick-n-Jane's blog again. 

For those of you who aren't familiar with Dick-n-Jane, they write a blog about sex.  Married since 1994 (Dick is a self-described 'top' and Jane is a 'bottom') they blog about sex in an open and honest way.  (True confessions:  I am a fan and have really grown to appreciate these two.)

Here's the blog that Brendan referred to:


DICK SAYS: Before I tell you how this stainless steel cock ring effects sex with Jane, I have to tell you that I wear it around casually on my cock like some private piece of man-jewelry... my secret bling! When going commando the weight gives my package a gentle pull and a little extra swing, it prevents uncomfortable junk-squeezing between the legs, and in underwear it gives my bulge an uplifting boost! What's not to love?

When I received my cock ring in the mail it's heftiness surprised me and I was hooked from the moment I first put it on.  It's solid and weighty, the way any good manly thing should be, and it's shaped just like a "comfort fit" wedding ring... with a gentle rise on the inner diameter, though so much larger.

In missionary position the top of this sizable thing gets Jane right in the clit on every thrust, for her that's an added bonus. When erect, my cock ring helps me get a little firmer, a little larger, for a little longer but does not cut off blood flow to the point of giving me a purple throbbing monster. Rather, the assist is more gentle and when it's time to deflate I get no undue resistance from the ring. Of course, the effect of any ring is directly related to its circumference relative to yours... but I love the way mine fits. This sex accessory gets my highest marks!

JANE SAYS: When Dick and I decided to try out a cock ring, we really didn't know where to begin, there are so many different kinds on the market; plastic, jelly, even leather, those with integrated vibrators etc, etc. We did a bit of research and as with many things in life (yes even sex toys) figured you get what you pay for and so decided together on the Imperial Metal Cock Ring. The Gear Essentials line seems a bit pricey but let me tell you, it's beautiful...heavy duty and sexy as hell, not to mention it's hefty rounded curves massage the clit quite pleasurably during intercourse. I'd say well worth the price!


To see the full review for yourself (or check out other wisdom) click:  http://reviews.dick-n-jane.com/2009/09/imperial-metal-cock-ring-gear.html

gear essentials' Imperial Stainless Steel Cock Ring (click the link for more info)


Enjoy some secret bling!  Join Dick-n-Jane in finding and expressing pleasure for you and your partner--and ENJOY!



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