Mark is a pretty consistent fan of gear essentials. (And he is gaining quite a few fans here!)  As you can see by the photo below, he has quite a gear essentials collection!  When he sent it to me, he commented that I shouldn't be distracted by his toys in original packaging--that is how he stores it.  (I totally get it.  I do the exact same thing.  For me it is frankly a Virgo trait!)  He wanted me to know that he uses every bit of it.


Mark's Collection includes (from top left):  Titan .2, Titan .4, Titan .6, Master, Imperial

Bottom Row:  Handcuffs, Omega, 1" Leather Ball Stretcher & Mark Wearing His Fury Cock Ring


(Mark, when are we going to get you into a ball weight?!)

Mark's collection doesn't surprise me.  In e-mails and when we are at IML we meet people who have collections of gear essentials' products.  It's just like having different rings or necklaces--some days you feel like a nice thick Fury and other days you just want a little Titan .2.

We love the collection, Mark--keep ENJOYING!

And, everyone, feel free to share your collections with us!



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