I was surprised to learn the other day that one of the highest search terms on our website is 'ball weights'.  This got me thinking about how much I have grown to love my little collection of ball weights (speaking of collections--check back over the next few days; we will have a photo of Mark's gear essentials' cock ring and toy collection!)  

I tried my first ball toy several years ago when I bought a leather ball stretcher (we offer one on our website at http://gearessentials.com/collections/toys/products/1-leather-ball-stretcher).  I enjoyed the feeling of the stretch and I thought it was a hot look.  However, something was missing.  I didn't realize it until later but what I was missing was the tug.

1" Leather Ball Stretcher from gear essentials--

Great for Beginning Ball Stretchers 


Last year, for International Mr. Leather (IML), I put a ball weight on for the first time.  Being a newbie to ball weights and ball stretching, I put on gear essentials' smallest size:  an 8 ounce (1/2" bandwidth).  This size looked approachable to me--lots of metal but not overwhelming.  As I've written in earlier blogs, I immediately got a hard on when I put it on!  My dick thickened and popped up like a periscope!  My dick was immediately super-sensitive and I was horny!  I wore it with my kilt--which felt great as my balls could swing free within the snug embrace of my new split ring ball weight.  Needless to say, I loved it!  I flashed my new ball weight to anyone who was interested.  (Who knew so many of the good folk at IML were interested?!)  And we sold a ton of ball weights!


A Ballsy IML 2012 Customer in His 1.5 Bandwidth, 24 ounce Ball Weight


Pictured above is one of our customers from IML 2012.  He is wearing a 24 ounce, 1.5" bandwidth ball weight.  This is not for the first-timer!  In fact, I wore mine at this past IML.  I could only wear it for nine hours and then I couldn't wait to take it off!  On the other hand, I can wear the 8 ounce all day and then some.  I wear my 8 ounce most often because I am wearing it for the tug, not to stretch out may ball sack.

Regardless of your motivation for wearing a ball weight, they are hot and feel great!  The point is to ENJOY!  Make it a great day!



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