The other day a repeat customer e-mailed us and shared the following:

Going Commando with Nuthin' On But His Titan .2! (Reposted from Tumblr)


"Can't decide if I like the size I bought so buying another one, but love my ring from you guys. I bought my first awhile back but somehow lost it (someone's going to be surprised or confused when they find that!), I just ordered a different one and love it.

"I had given up on them awhile back when I (embarrassingly) had an allergic reaction to the metal used in a cheap ring, then I fell in love with them when I found yours, stainless steel, great quality."


(Lucky stiff who finds his lost cock ring!)

We have blogged about the dangers of wearing a cheap metal cock ring next to your private bits before but hadn't thought much about allergic reactions. (NOT a pretty picture.) At gear essentials we are proud to offer quality solid stainless steel made by corn-fed guys in the heartland!  Be good to your family jewels!  Check out our full line of quality stainless steel and light-weight aluminum rings--and ENJOY!



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