Our letter of the day concerns ball weights and the fear that it won't fit.  This writer is high and tight--and frankly has big balls--there is a lot of material there!  Our customer writes:  "want you to know that I am considering buying one in a future order.  My major hang-up is if the 1.5 inch inner diameter is big enough to corral my balls without pinching the skin in between the two halves.  The 1 inch ball stretcher (ordered from gear essentials) that I have is pretty close to the same size at the first set of snaps and I have to fold over the skin to get fastened."


An International Mr. Leather (IML) 2012 Customer with His

8 oz. / 1/2" Bandwidth Split Ring Ball Weight

from gear essentials (Perky Little Devil, Isn't He?!)


My response:

You do have a lot of balls going on! I think you could fit in a 1.5” diameter in the 8 oz (1/2”bandwidth).  The best way to put it on is immediately after a hot shower (to protect our sperm production, the testicles drop when it gets too hot so those little guys don’t get fried).  Therefore this is when our balls tend to hang lowest.  When I first started wearing one (and I started out with this same size) I would go straight from the shower to the bed to put my ball weight on.  I found that it is easiest when I am reclining.  This way my dick isn’t flopping in the way and I can easily see what I am doing.  When I attach the two sides, I leave the screw side loosely connected so it provides a pivot point (screw head side up).  I lay my balls in the bottom half, swing the upper half over and then fit the two pieces gently together.  While doing so I continually am making sure my skin is out of the way.  When you are doing this yourself you feel it pretty quickly!  I then start to slowly tighten the screw.  Once the split ring is loosely fastened, I don’t have to be concerned with the stability of the two halves and I have a hand free to really make sure I have gotten the skin out of the way.  I do this by holding the two pieces together as firmly as I can while using the other hand to sweep excess skin out of the way.  Then I tighten.  This process can be repeated until both sides are firmly fastened.

This process used to take me about five minutes.  (Plus there was the distraction of a hard on!)  Now I can do it in about 25 seconds!  Like anything else, once you are used to it things go quickly—and you don’t even really have to think about it.

Regarding the leather ball stretcher you bought, it is a 1.5” diameter; however, it is an inch wide.  It doesn’t seem logical but you can actually fit more easily into a narrower band width.  For example, I can now wear a 1 ¼” 8 oz—and I couldn’t when I started.  In addition, I can wear a 24 oz (1 1/2” bandwidth) weight with a 1.5” diameter but no way can I squeeze into the smaller size.


Ball weights feel amazing!  Try one--and ENJOY!





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