We have been getting a couple of e-mails a week asking which cock rings are our heaviest.  If you poke me with a stick often enough I finally figure it out SO we posted all of the weights on the website.  (And it's not that we don't enjoy hearing from you--so keep sending your questions.)


Here they are, the gear essentials Heaviest Cock Ring Top Four:


#1 -- gear essentials' heaviest ring:  The Omega @ slightly over 11 ounces

The Omega in Brushed Finished (Reposted from Tumblr)

When Fucking, Your Partner Will Love How This Weighted Cock Ring Feels!



#2 -- The Fury cock ring @ 10 ounces

A Double Band of Joy, .9" Bandwidth. (Re-blogged from Tumblr) 

You'll Make a Statement No Matter What You Wear Over It!



#3 -- The Master @ a shade over 8 ounces

Our Buddy, Mark, Shows Off His Hunka Hunka Burning Steel!  The Master Cock Ring


#4 -- The Imperial Cock Ring @ approximately 6 ounces

Crown Your Dick with a Bit of Royalty!  The Omega is Smooth & Comfortable


If you don't see a ring you love, never fear--all the weights are listed on the web site.  All of the heaviest rings are made of solid stainless steel in the USA.  (If you don't like the weight, check out our NEW aluminum rings.)

Find the size, shape and weight that works for you--and ENJOY!



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