I (Jay) just had a birthday.  I am solidly, unequivocally a Virgo.  I like things neat, ordered, organized and hygenic.  Unfortunately, that also can include my sex life!  Imagine my shock and surprise when I learned that folks get off on peeing on each other:  water sports.  Really!?  I have grown and become far more open-minded since then and occasionally even wear yellow! 

But I DO love showers.  And sex in the shower!


In the Shower--Sneaking a Peak at a Hot Man in gear essentials' Full Screw


Our friend Boots put together a hot new video.  You can find it on his Tumblr page (see link below).  It features gear essentials' NEW Full Screw light-weight aluminum cock ring on a very hot, hairy guy.  And in the shower.  This is one happy Virgo!


A Leg Up.  Lightweight Aluminum Never Felt So Good


I remember the first time I heard about peeing in the shower.  I was 17 and at winter church camp.  The girls were talking about how they pee in the shower.  I couldn't imagine that!  Really?


A Close Up (All Screen Shots by Boots Bryant)


Two years ago I was at a house party and brought this story up.  Of the 60 or so people there (straight and gay; male and female), all but two pee in the shower often (yes, I always wear shower sandals when showering at the club now!) 

I think the two who said they didn't were lying. 

Check out Boots Bryant's new video, "Piss on Me" on his Tumblr page:  http://bootsbryant.tumblr.com/post/29722131090/omg-pee-on-me

Don't judge; just ENJOY!





Hey, Gary—I hear you! I love that different things turn on all of us—that’s the cool thing about each of us being unique. Personally, I was excited to see the Full Screw in the video (but that’s because it’s a gear essentials’ product). I also love hairy guys—and wet is hot too. I also like to see a guy’s face.

Thanks for commenting. I know Boots follows our blog so he will see your feedback. Have a great one!



The dick was nice as was the hair, but the audio was bad and the video didn’t even show the guys’ face, so it wasn’t even a turn-on, even though he was pissing. He could have been pissing in a urinal. Black and white photography was pretty good.

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