We love being double ringed!  Wearing a cock ring feels great.  Add a ball weight and you get the joy of the tug along with the engorging effect of the cock ring for double pleasure!


Double Ring - Double Shot at International Mr. Leather 2012!


The International Mr. Leather (IML) customer pictured above is wearing a gear essentials' 16 oz. split ring ball weight along with his new solid stainless steel Torque.  Both are in a brushed stainless steel finish (I love how the light reflects on his jewelry--could be all those flashes!)

They sure make his dick look good, don't they?






Hey, Bob—glad you are loving your new ball weight! Trust me, it will get easier to put on with practice. Check the blog for tips—but I would always recommend putting it on right out of a hot shower (when your balls hang good and low).

We just started carrying some pumps—tell us more!

Thanks for your comment and keep enjoying that new ball weight!



I just received my new l6 oz ball weight. It is a little difficult to get on, but the sensation is great. Also, with weight in place I used my penis pump, Unbelieveable. The pull on the balls with a large hard cock really feels good, the pump pulls the balls tight against the ball weight.

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