Have you ever had a bad experience at a store or when ordering things on line?  (Chances are you have had a bad experience in the past week!)  Bad experiences drive me crazy!  I have the money and they have the product--don't they want me to buy?

Good experiences are so rare--and frankly so wonderful that we decided long ago that we want to treat folks that way all the time.  We have to confess that we are pretty down-to-earth (meaning realistic!)  Being born and bred in the Midwest we are a conservative people.  We don't want to over-promise.  But we do try hard and want you to love our products as much as we do.  This is why we upgraded our website.  The old one was just not creating a good experience.  Sure, we have had a lot of bumps during the transition but you have all been so amazingly good to us.  We really appreciate it!

And that's why we love it when you send kind words our way!  Forgive us for bragging (it is NOT a Midwestern trait) but we just wanted to share:


Another Customer from International Mr. Leather (IML) Shows Off His New Ball Weight from gear essentials

Erik writes:  "Thanks again for the order that came in the mail today.  Love them all.  Next, a heavier ball weight...

You guys are awesome..."


Thanks, Erik!  We appreciate your business and are glad you are loving you new rings from gear essentialsENJOY!



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