We have been getting a great response on our new ROBO Series of aluminum cock rings at gear essentials.


A ROBO Three-way:  From Left to Right--Half Screw, Surge and Another Surge


The cock rings of the ROBO Series by gear essentials are made of quality aluminum in a softly brushed finish.  In addition to featuring cutting edge design, these rings have the new interior comfort fit to make them even more comfortable!  Combine this with the light-weight nature of aluminum and you have a ring that you just might forget you have on!  These hard metal cock rings are super comfortable whether you are freeballing it or wearing tight underwear.  But don't be fooled--just because you don't remember you have it on doesn't mean it isn't doing what it is supposed to do:  make your package bigger and make your dick fuller, thicker and stronger. 

Consider it your ace in the hole.  And remember--ENJOY!



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