gear essentials is excited to work with Mister Sister, an adult store in Providence, RI (where they have more toys than the devil has sinners!)  We worked with Devioune in the past and are looking forward to working with her again!

Mister Sister Erotica: Quality Erotica without the attitude.

Nestled in the heart of Fox Point, Mister Sister adds a tasteful and diverse selection of erotica catering to the eclectic neighborhood in which she stands.

Mister Sister is an Erotic Boutique that values people of all sexualities and their right to express their individual sexuality without ridicule. They are community and environmentally aware, providing a large assortment of rechargeable toys that not only satisfies you, but helps reduce your carbon imprint! Mister Sister also carries a variety of organic and vegan certified lubricants and condoms.  They believe in conversations, not sales pitches, never view sex as a problem to be “fixed”, but rather as an art to refine. Toys become tools used to carve a smile onto that special someone’s face.
You'll find tasteful and beautifully displayed adult toys, clothing, fetish wear, C&B, Strap-Ons, personal lubricants, film, educational materials and more at Mister Sister.  Stop by and say hi!

(And tell them that gear essentials sent you!)




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