Most of us assume that sexually speaking men are pretty simple.  We think it's all about dick--after all, it's hanging out there blowing in the breeze and at the slightest provocation it churns to life and points to the sky.  Simple, right?  However, men are deeper than that (at least we like to think so).  If you really want to make your man purr, get in touch with his hot spots.


1.  "Does this make me look fat?"  Men will deny it but we want to make sure we look good.  Particularly in todays culture where there is so much emphasis on physique.  Compliment him.  This will build his self-confidence which in turns makes him blossom and tear up the sheets!  Also let him know what looks good on him and steer him away from the things that don't.  We rarely can see ourselves honesty so society's feedback provides a mirror--and as his lover, you are the most important mirror of all.

Remember the brain is the most important sex organ of all.  If he is distracted, stressed, feeling bashful or isn't confident in his relationship with you, it will show up in poor performance.  And then you both suffer.




2.  Supersize me!  NOT!  When it comes right down to it, size isn't that important.  Sure, we all idolize big dicks but the average size of a flaccid cock is between three and four inches.  When erect, we fortunately grow to five to seven inches.  While there are certainly exceptions to this they are rare (except on Grindr or Tumblr!)  Size is only part of the equation.  Sexual pleasure is about knowing what your partner enjoys (make sure to communicate what you do or do not like) and then doing it with passion!  If your partner needs a little more 'reach' to reach orgasm, bring toys into the bedroom.  The important thing is to talk about what you like or want to explore.  Try a little kink and stretch your boundaries a little.

I went out for a short time with a guy who was packing a thick ten inches.  The first time I saw that schlong swing at my face I ducked and thought, "What am I going to do with that?!"



3.  Men have a clit too.  Remember, men's most obvious sexual organs (except the brain and prostate) are hanging out for all to see.  One of the nasty bits you see all the time is the frenulum.  This is located at the dip of the prick in the area called the "glans penis".  It is the little ridge beneath the base of the head and it is very sensitive.  In fact, if your man is cut the only thing this does is provide pleasure--just like a woman's clit.  If he is uncut, this is attached to his foreskin.  When you are giving head, pull back a bit and rub your tongue along this ridge.  Chew gently.  Don't forget to spend some time here!




4.  Body openings are SUPER-sensitive!  We know the value of spending time kissing and probing the mouth (first base, right?!)  Kissing, tonguing and blowing on the ears is also a rock-your-world experience.  Some of you have kissed and tongued the anus (watch him go over the moon on this one--if he can relax enough to enjoy it!)  But what about the piss slit?  Technically known as the urethra, this is where urine and cum are eliminated from the body.  (And some folks have a hard time getting past this.)  However, it also enjoys a concentration of nerve-endings which means it is a pleasure center!  The boys who wear a Prince Albert or play with sounds already know about this, but when giving head, take some time to wrap your tongue into a point and pretend you are trying to put it up your man's piss-slit.  Don't freak out--it won't fit but the sensation is amazing!  He will squirm and you may become concerned that he is experiencing a heart attack.  Fear not--he will survive.  A bit of nibbling will rock his world too.



5.  Don't ignore the balls.  Semen is made and stored in the balls--this ingenious body part lowers or rises to maintain a steady temperature for his sperm to be at its most effective!  Take the time to play with these babies!  Some men like them stretched, tugged or twisted--gently or roughly, he will let you know.  When you stretch them take some time to run your tongue across them and watch him shiver with ecstasy!  Take them in your mouth, suck and roll them around.  Most men will tremble with the intensity of it. 


We hope this has opened your eyes and broadened your horizons a bit so you know more about pushing your guy's buttons.  One of our goals at gear essentials is to help you find more pleasure--life is short--ENJOY IT!



(Photos re-posted from Tumblr & with many thanks for the 'education'!)




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Sounds like you have down right. Don"t be asamed of aan average dick !!

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