Probing the Male G-Spot


In the spirit of exploring every option for pleasure, gear essentials decided to do some research on the Male G-spot.   Also known as the prostate, this is the equivalent of a woman’s G-spot. (The beauty of the guy’s version is that it is much easier to find!) For many of our straight followers (and many gay followers too) this is a taboo subject. But, like our friend Dick (see his blog at ), you can discover a whole new pathway to amazing orgasms and hot sex!


Probing for the Male G-Spot (aka Prostate) -- the One Finger Method... 


In fact, it was Dick’s blog that made us start thinking about this.  We realized that we cannot say it any better than he did so we quote:

“…physical pressure applied to the prostate produces a sensation consistent with the inevitability of orgasm. Stated more simply, when men are about to come (or are actually coming), much of what they feel down there is their prostate under pressure.

“By applying pressure directly to the prostate with a finger, prostate massager, or other object, it is possible to simulate the sensation produced by smooth muscle contractions during orgasm. Massaging the prostate can feel to him like a constant, uninterrupted ejaculation that lasts as long as the massage continues. It is a plateau of pleasure attainable without the normally requisite build up of the sexual cycle... it's cheating, that's what it is.”

Cheating or legit, we like it.


One Finger...Or Two...


How to Find the Male G-Spot

The male G-spot isn’t hard to find, but it may require a little patience.

The first time I explored this hidden part of my body was in the shower. I was all soaped up, wet and hot. Frankly I was sporting a boner. I crouched down, reached between my legs and started to massage the area around my anus (aka asshole). This felt great and only made my cock bounce and throb more in anticipation. I gently slipped my longest finger (the ‘fuck off’ finger!) into the divot of my asshole. I gently rubbed back and forth.  As I relaxed, I slipped my finger up and into my asshole to the first knuckle. Frankly it felt really good. My dick continued to drool pre-cum and seemed to have a life of its own. If one knuckle felt good—two must feel better, right? I slipped more of my finger in and it still felt awesome! Before I knew it I had as much of my finger as I could fit up my asshole. I wiggled my finger a bit and hit a bump (don’t freak!) It was my prostate, the male G-spot. I tickled, prodded and probed it and warm waves of erotic sensations crashed over my body.

If you would rather recline, another option is to get naked and lie belly-up on your bed or sofa (or tabletop--see above). Raise your legs by putting your feet against the wall or on top of your headboard. For greater comfort you may want to slide a pillow or cushion underneath your ass. Start by massaging the area around your ass. This in and of itself feels great. Stroking your perineum (aka taint) feels great so include that area as well.  For more good feelings put a ball weight on first and give that an occasional tongue or gently massage or tickle your now extra-sensitive stretched out balls. Again, use your longest finger and gently explore your ass. As your asshole relaxes, put some lube on your finger and continue to brush the lips of your asshole. Continue to rub and increase the pressure.  By now your asshole should be relaxed. Gently push your finger past your sphincter and up your ass. You will quickly feel the prostate about two inches into your ass. You may feel a bit of resistance from your sphincter but it is only doing its job.  Gently press and you will push through to a new dimension! 


Wet & Wild Male G-spot Investigation


Tickling Your G-Spot

I am an admitted clean freak. That’s probably why I started in the shower. It’s warm, comfortable and super-clean. You can also use an enema to clean things up before you go exploring. There are a number of ways to stimulate your Male G-spot. To start, a finger (or two) works great.  (But don’t forget the lube!)  Each of us is unique and we all like different methods of stimulation. You can try poking your finger (or butt plug or dildo) in and out—varying your speed. You can also try circling around inside your ass after you have inserted your finger. Or just stick your finger in and keep pressure on your prostate while you jack off. Some men like a flutter-like movement against their prostate. Take your time and enjoy. (If you find it is uncomfortable at first, remember that this is your first time and your body is not used to this. You might feel ‘invaded’.  In addition, remember that sex is really a brain activity. You may find that you cannot get past the societal stigma. Relax and allow yourself to enjoy these amazing new feelings.)


Male G-spot Massage with a Butt Plug


Toys Aimed at the Male G-Spot

Butt Plug -- A butt plug is shaped to stay in your ass.  Use lube and insert. Your sphincter clamps down on the recessed section of the butt plug and thereby allows you to do other ‘activities’ while wearing it. Butt plugs come in a number of sizes—from beginner-sized to jumbo—and in lots of shapes as well. Find the one you are comfortable with. The general idea is that it moves and stimulates you as you move. “Look, ma!  No hands!”



G-Spot Stimulator -- gear essentials carries a product that is shaped to hit your prostate.  The slight curve brings the tip into direct contact with your prostate without you having to shimmy it around. Use it while masturbating or have your partner move it in and out of your ass while giving you a blow job—perhaps while you are in a 69-position and doing the same. It all leads to an explosive orgasm!

Pipedream's Basix Rubber Works’ G-Spot


Dildo -- This is a phallicly-shaped device that can be made of rubber, silicone or even glass. Like a butt plug it is lubed and then inserted into the ass with the idea of stimulating the prostate. If you use a glass one, it can be heated up for a warming sensation or iced for a shock (not to worry, it quickly warms back up to your body temperature). Like butt plugs, dildos come in a variety of shapes, widths and lengths so you can find the size and shape that makes you squirm most!

Dildos Come in All Shapes & Sizes...but You Might Want to Start Small...


Another Anal Pleasure

Rimming -- Most gay guys know exactly what this is.  And since the advent of Dan Savage most straight folk know too. If you would like a bit of over-the-moon ecstasy, engage in mutual rimming. Clean up (although some guys enjoy a bit of smelly skank here) and gently probe each other’s assholes. Techniques include lapping gently; long, slow licks from balls to ass hole; curling your tongue in a tight, missile-shape and diving up the asshole; chewing gently or rubbing a few days growth of stubbly chin across the asshole.  While typing this I am shuddering and melting inside. (My partner just saw me sitting in front of the computer smiling. Yes, I am now completely distracted!) The sensory overload of being rimmed is one of life’s most amazing experiences. It will leave you begging…for more…and more!

The male G-spot is still quite taboo and it might make you uncomfortable to think about it let alone go on a safari to find it! However, it is just another bodily orifice with a huge concentration of nerve endings just waiting to be titillated! (As someone with a very conservative religious upbringing, I have realized that if God created us with all these nerve-endings surely wanted us to do something with them! I say ENJOY!) Go ahead, feel naughty (it makes it more fun), feel guilty (if that’s what you are into—but can we suggest a pair of handcuffs to go with that?!) or just relax and enjoy! It’s your call! And your reward? The ultimate orgasm!  

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY! 




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a real good explanation, thanks !

Bernard O'Donnell

Bernard O'Donnell

A lovely and informative explanation of all forms of ass play. I have never really been able to do it well, but laid out like this makes it all so much easier and shows how to get maximum fun..I am going to study it more and share it

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