Want Better (MORE) Blow? Watch What you Eat!

8 Steps to Better Tasting Semen


Most guys will admit it:  we love a blow job.  It doesn't even have to be a good blow job (although we are more than happy to offer technique pointers!)  But face it, for women as well as men, giving a blow job ("doing oral") is one of life's most intimate gifts. (In fact, a female friend of mine refers to it as "giving the gift!")  Men love it because the sensations the soft fleshy interior of a mouth can give are soft, hard, mobile, tactile, exhilarating and very versatile.  (And don't forget the power of suction!)  However, our partners can be less than thrilled with the experience.  There are many reasons for this--you are taking this hard, pulsing object with a life of its own into your mouth; your partners gets lost in the experience and mentally 'leaves the room'; it may not smell the best; there may be concerns about cleanliness; or you may just not like the taste of semen.  

Guys, if changing what you ate increased how much head you get, would you do it?

I'm guessing the answer is yes!

Improve the Taste of Your Cum & GET MORE HEAD!  (A Cock Ring* can't hurt either!)

You can change the taste of your cum by changing your diet.
A typical ejaculation fills up about a teaspoon (this is higher if you are younger, haven't cum in a while or have had a lot of foreplay to stoke up production).  Semen is relatively low in calories (combined with the cardio involved this sounds like a good addition to any weight-loss program!)  The calorie content ranges from 5 - 7 calories.  (In addition, every time you cum there are anywhere from 200 - 500 MILLION highly disappointed sperm looking for some eggs to hook-up with.)  Sperm is about one percent of semen; the other ingredients include simple sugars like fructose, protein, ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), water, citric acid, enzymes, Phosphate and bicarbonate buffers and Zinc. You may find the taste to be acidic; however, sperm has a neutral pH of seven.   
We often hear partners say that cum tastes bitter or salty.  (Taste can vary a great deal from person to person.)  However, guys, if you want better-tasting semen to keep your partner coming back for more, here is what you can do to improve the taste:
Drink Plenty of Water
  1. Boost the water intake -- water is key to flushing out the toxins inside your body.  When you drink water it reduces the salty and bitter taste of your cum..
  2. Bump up your natural sugars:  Eat Fruit.  Apples, grapes and tropical fruits are a great way to increase the sweetness of your cum.  Focus on natural sugars--not artificial sugars (soft drinks, bakery treats, etc.)  Lemon (though it tastes sour) improves the taste of ejaculate as well.
  3. Double your pleasure; double your fun--with chewing gum flavors!  Hey, if it works for fresh breath, why not your jizz?  Cinnamon and peppermint makes it all taste better!
  4. Take your vitamins!  But make sure your One-A-Day includes zinc and selenium--studies have shown that they positively impact the taste of ejaculate by increasing the sweetness.
  5. Skip the garlic and onions.  I love garlic and onions; however, your lover will not appreciate it (for kissing OR oral sex).  These are high in sulfur and really do a number on your cum.
  6. Skip the veggies -- okay, not ALL veggies but avoid broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and asparagus if you are planning to score.  While these are great for your health; they suck for head.  They produce horrible smelling urine and cum.  Instead, bulk up on wheatgrass, celery and parsley and enjoy the benefits of the sweetness-inducing chlorophyll they contain. And they're heart-healthy as well! 
  7. Cut back on red meat and dairy -- Red meat makes your semen taste saltier.  (Substitute chicken or turkey.)  Milk, cheese and yogurt also increase the saltiness of your spew.
  8. Eliminate toxins -- we should put this in small print because who wants to read this?!  Cut back (or better yet) quit tobacco and alcohol to eliminate toxins from your body.  Remember:  toxins = salty and bitter.

You can do it--improve your diet and improve your chances of getting head!  Take this advice, have better sex, get closer to your partner and ENJOY!

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