gear essentials started carrying Timoteo's lines of underwear and jocks because we think they are hot!  We brought some of the classic Timoteo pieces and CellBlock 13 to International Mr. Leather (IML) this past May and the folks there agreed with us!

Pavel Petel Grabs His Meat through His Timoteo Classic Athlete Jock in Camo


Imagine our glee when we spotted hot Russian DJ Pavel Petel in Timoteo's Classic Athlete Jock!  This is a hot look--and it only gets hotter on a ripped stud like Pavel.  The beauty of the Classic Athlete Jock is that from the front it looks like a normal comfort brief (with a full pouch to hold all your man-accessories) and a graphically strong wide waistband for a trim fit.  (Want a discount on this hot jock?  See the bottom of this blog for a discount code worth 25% OFF!)


Pavel Petel Demonstrates How Hot an Ass Looks in Timoteo's Classic Athlete Jock


Turn around and this jock shows off your best asset!  The assless jock features wide straps that frame and lift your ass cheeks for a great look every time!  Wouldn't you love to watch Petel's push-ups?


Another Hot Rear View of Pavel Petel in Timoteo


As pictured above, the Classic Athlete Jock encircles and enhances Pavel's hot ass.  Want to frame your target?  This jock will do it! 

Additionally, this jock is the ultimate in comfort and great fit.  All the important elements like superior fit, great stretch, and supreme comfort were incorporated into this new design. 


Pavel Petel Is Armed & Dangerous!  Can Your Gun Handle Timoteo?!


A hot look for hot men.  This jock is perfect for wearing at the gym, all day and cruising at night. Best yet, it's quality made in the USA.


We Are gear essentials:  We HAD to Show you Pavel Naked!


Pavel also looks great in his gear--check out his cock ring and how it chubs up his uncut dick.


Pavel Petel Knows How to Work His Gear!  Check out Pavel's Cock Ring--Looks Like the GRIP!

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To see more of Pavel Petel, please see (all photos were re-posted from this blog).




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