Many of our friends and fans were at Folsom in San Francisco over the weekend.  One friend we didn't really expect (just because we didn't think about it) was Timoteo.  We KNEW Timoteo was BIG (just like YOU are BIG in Timoteo!) but who knew it was THIS big?


Walking Folsom in the HOT Gridiron Jock by Timoteo's CellBlock 13


But then we thought, "Of course!  Where else would you see this hot underwear (other than your bedroom or the locker room?)"  There were plenty of underwear styles, jocks--and nothing at all to be seen!  The amazingly cool, comfortable and boner-hugging Gridiron Jock is available in several colors at

Where is that Harness Headed?

Beneath that CellBlock 13 Prizefighter Jock Brief!


The Prizefighter shows off all your assets. It has a comfortable front pouch and a perfect frame for your ass. Wide straps support and lift your cheeks for your hottest look. Made out of a high quality mesh this is sure to become a staple in your bad boy underwear drawer. Perfect for wearing all day and cruising at night--and made in the USA.


Sometimes a Hint is Just Enough!  CellBlock 13's Grappler Jock


The Grappler is an incredibly hot jock in a more traditional style but with bold graphics.

In honor of Folsom, enter FOLSOM912 at checkout on and get 15% OFF on these hot styles!  gear essentials is your home for the hottest in new underwear/jock looks.

Be your sexy self and ENJOY!



All photos from Timoteo. 



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