Timoteo made a great showing at Folsom this past weekend!  We posted a batch of CellBlock 13 (also by Timoteo) shots yesterday.  Here are some shots of the guys wearing the Timoteo line.



The Classic Athlete Jock in Black by Timoteo--available at gear essentials

This hot jock by trendy designer Timoteo provides the ultimate level of comfort, support and style. It's perfect for the gym, a night out or a day spent flirting at FOLSOM!  It looks like an ever-so-nice brief from the front but from the back--watch out!  It's ready to PARTY!  Wide leg bands lift and support your ass for a great look! 

Colors available at gear essentials: Camo with White waistband or Black with White waistband. Made of cotton spandex (96% Cotton and 4% Spandex) for a great fit and strecth. Super comfortable fit that is sure to attract attention.  (And made in the USA.)


This Nubile Young Lad is Filling Out the Pouch on His Club House Soccer Jock

"Oh, Goldilocks, we think your drink is looking a bit low...But the fit is JUST RIGHT!"

Inspired by the comfort and great fit of the Timoteo Athlete Jock, this low-slung jock is in a hot trunk style. All the important elements like superior fit, great stretch, and ultimate comfort were incorporated into this design.This innocently sexy square cut jock provides a roomy contrasting pouch to frame your package.  It leaves plenty of room to wear your cock ring and ball weights with comfort. Turn around and bend over and your fans will witness your best asset--framed by comfortable wide straps that lift and support.

Colors available from gear essentials: Red with White pouch with Black trim or Black with Gray pouch and White trim. Made of cotton spandex (Cotton 96% and Spandex 4%) for great fit and muscle-hugging stretch.


"Thumbs Up, Papa Bear!"  Different Man, Same Club House Soccer Jock.  NICE POUCH!


The Club House Soccer Jock is not advertised as being transparent but you can certainly see Papa Bear's package (we know there are plenty of you package watchers out there!)  Conservative yet discretely obvious? This jock is super comfortable for wearing your ball weights and cock rings--there's plenty of room for growers as well as a bit of company!


We Love This View:  The Sport 2.0 Soccer Jock Walking Away...


Heavily influenced by the comfort and great fit of the Timoteo Athlete Jock, all the things we love (superior fit, great stretch, and ultimate comfort) were included into this new design. This just might become your new favorite Jock (we love the fresh colors) with bottom straps that lift and cup your ass (wouldn't you agree--see above)?

Colors available from gear essentials: White Brief Jock with orange trim or Black Brief Jock with red trim. Made of 96% cotton/4% spandex for that Timoteo supreme comfort and body-hugging fit! 

In honor of Folsom, enter FOLSOM912 at checkout on gearessentials.com and get 15% OFF on these hot styles!  (Click on any of the pictures above to order.)  Gear essentials is your home for the hottest in new underwear/jock looks.

Regardless of what you choose to wear, Timoteo has a hot jock that will best frame your assets.  Have some fun.  Add some color.  And feel the confidence and pride that comes from sporting super-sexy jocks!  And most importantly--ENJOY!




All photos from Timoteo.



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