As promised Part II of one of our favorite customers from International Mr. Leather (IML) and his double-ring!  (Doesn't he have the greatest smile?) The picture below is a much better angle for showing his double-ring of cock ring and ball weight.


Double-ringed @ IML:  The Torque Paired with a 16 Oz. Ball Weight by gear essentials

As we wrote yesterday, this handsome stud dropped his leather thong to show off his new stainless steel Torque cock ring (part of the Contour collection) and a 16 ounce (1 inch bandwidth) split ring ball weight. Amazingly, this is his first experience with a ball weight--and he reported back (several times) to let us know HE LOVES IT!


Ball Weight:  Feels GREAT!

The ball weight is an amazing experience. I thought it was a totally fetish sort of man-accessory until I tried it on. I was SOLD! I never want to take it off. The gentle tug during the day is a reminder of the joys that await me when I take my hard tool out. During sex it adds to the intensity as it tugs on my balls leaving hands free to concentrate on other areas! In addition, during intercourse it flows with 'the motion of the ocean' and bounces against my partner. 


Ball Sack Stretching:  Adding Weight for a Bigger Ball Sack

If you are looking to stretch your ball sack, start with the largest size that fits. Some guys can barely put on the 8 ounce (which I will add is my favorite weight for wearing to work). One customer e-mailed that he could barely get it on. He has a MONSTER dick but his balls are high and tight. He wants more ball sack to fondle.  But when he finally got it on he could barely get an erection and it hurt. (This happens to me when I get hard while wearing a 24 ounce ball weight so I do not jack off with this size on.) While some pain is good; this isn't. We clarified that he wants to get his balls bigger so he is wearing his new ball weight a bit longer each day so he can stretch that sucker out!  Eventually he will be able to wear it longer and have enough extra skin to have an amazing erection too. Then he will move up to the next size.


The Torque Cock Ring

Solid, sexy and distinctive, the Torque is one of our most popular penis rings due to its distinctive cross-grain design. Made of solid stainless steel in America's Heartland, this C ring has a bandwidth of .6 inches and weighs in at 4.25 ounces (120 grams). 


Double-Ring = Double Pleasure/Double Fun!

Wearing a cock ring to restrict blood flow (meaning your cock gets bigger, harder, firmer, thicker and more sensitive) along with a ball weight means you are going to have an extra-sensory explosion of an orgasm! Just remember to breathe!

Just wait until you see tomorrow's picture! It is HOT (and we suspect that after seeing it some of you are going to need to find some relief!)

Double-ring and experience the joy of a hot metal gear essentials' cock ring pumping up your dick and a weight tugging your balls. Your orgasms will never be the same. 

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!




(Photo by Jay Williams.)


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Just became a site member today and can’t begin to describe how elated I am. The rings, weights and apparel have literally blown my mind. I have been dreaming of QUALITY male accessories for years. And here they are! Each a work of art and each representing style as well as function. Oh, and being able to get these gorgeous rings in 2 1/8" is going to make my cock so happy! Now that I’ve read the blog posts and sizing chart i realize that the 2" rings (the largest at any local toy store) are too small for me. I just assumed that bruising was something i had to put up with if i wanted to use rings. As for ball weights i have had to use multiple metal cock rings to stretch my sack. No stores in my are sell them and the ones i’ve seen online have never been aesthetically pleasing whatsoever. So i just assumed this is as good as it gets….. SMH, how naive i have been!!! The moment i get my first order next week, i will be throwing away my collection of inferior, rust prone, throw away “so called” rings I’ve amassed over the past few years. Oh the time and $$ I’ve wasted..

Ok, i’ll save the rest for my post i’m going to write when i get my order… which consists of a 2 1/8" Brushed Omega Ring, a 16oz 1 1/2" weight and a sexy Yellow Grappler to house my Cock and Stainless Steel jewelry <3

The double ring pics that accompany this post are great!!! I would have loved to have taken part in the IML… so the 2nd best thing is seeing all the wonderful product pics and the men who are loving them. Look at the smile on this gentleman!! That can’t be faked. And his Cock looks just as happy LOL! Great combination and i thank you for showing us! Pt 1 of this post was the first thread i researched while deciding what to buy.. The ring combo, that erection and his look of pride & fulfillment sealed the deal… as well as the 10 pages of posts i went through. So educational, found every answer i needed to make my choices. This order i wanted the heavy stuff, next order will be some lighter items. the 8oz ball weight, the Torque, the Full Plunge, Gridiron Jock Truck and the Camo Classic!!

Cock has been hard the whole time i’ve been writing this =) So i’m off to have a nice long stroke then off to bed with a smile on my face. Next week can’t cum soon enough. lol

I will be posting pics soon


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