Sometimes you just need a good screw.


An IML Customer Shows He Has What it Takes to Wear the Full Screw by gear essentials


And the Full Screw cock ring will help you achieve the best screw you have ever had.  Like any metal penis ring, it keeps the blood flow in your engorged dick where it will do the most good--keeping your dick harder, fuller and more sensitive. 

Unlike other metal C rings, the Full Screw, despite being nearly an inch wide, is carefully constructed of light-weight aluminum (it weighs slightly over two ounces) and features the new interior comfort fit tim so it is great for comfortable all-day wear.  I road-tested this ring during development and often forgot I even had it on!  (Until, of course, I got hard!) 

This is the real thing. Here is the scoop:  The Full Screw is .9 inches (20 mm) wide and weighs approximately 2.4 ounces (66.65 grams).  It is made with care in the Heartland of the USA.

You will want to add this new twist to your tool kit!  And ENJOY!



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