Several weeks ago, we posted a blog about head or glans rings.  These are smaller cock rings that fit just under the mushroom head of your dick.  Several of you let us know that you would be interested.


Folsom Attendee Lets His Glans Ring Hang Out


We think they are hot and love the look. I have found that a glans ring covers some of the sensitive nerve endings under the cap of my penis thereby delaying orgasm when jacking off or fucking.  If you are a fast-cummer, want to edge or prolong your love making, this can really be helpful.  I have also found that if I wear one that is a bit looser, when lubed it slides up and down my shaft when masturbating.  This adds a whole new dimension to the act of jacking off!

We have also seen a lot of naturists sporting these hot little man-accessories.  It's kind of like a head band for your dick!

We are still debating whether we are going to gear up to manufacture a gear essentials line of head rings.  But in the meantime, we are bringing you glans ring from the good folks at M2M in both 1 1/4" and 1.35" inside diameters.  These are 5mm in bandwidth (.2") so they are a great little ring.  In design they are kissin' cousins to our Titan line so they are classic in design--and will go with nearly anything in your stainless steel collection.


The NEW M2M Glans (Head) Ring Brought to You by gear essentials


We have several other new products coming from M2M as well.  Sign up for our newsletter and be the first to get discount codes on quality gear essentials merchandise.  Check it out and try it out!  And always ENJOY!



Photo re-posted from Tumblr.



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