As I walked through my first International Mr. Leather two years ago, I remember thinking that many of the sex toys were so beautiful that they looked like works of art.  Odd right?  Maybe not.

Apparently New York still photographer Sam Kaplan thought the same thing.  He recently came out with a series entitled "Insert Here".  In that series of still life photographs Mr. Kaplan takes what our society sees as taboo and literally transforms them into art.  Kaplan commented:

"My walk home from the subway takes me past an impressive number of sex shops. One day I realized that if taken out of context these objects could become beautiful artifacts. I wanted to light them in a way that enforced that idea, so I applied similar lighting as I would if I were photographing a luxury item."

And shoot them he did.  Take a look at a sampling of his work:



To see more of photographer Sam Kaplan's work check this link:  http://www.samkaplan.com/#/FEED/1/1/



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