My nips are one of my most erogenous zones.  And frankly, it wasn't until I started playing with them (some day I'll pass on the stories of me and my mom's clothes pins) that they perked up and came to life!  One of the ways that I increased the level of my tits' sensitivity was by using nipple suckers.  In a matter of minutes they would grow big and moist.  I would pop off the suckers and they would look huge!  I flick them back and forth with my fingers and electric shocks run from my nipples to my groin.  Right after taking off the nipple suckers I put nipple clamps on them--there is plenty of skin peaking up from my pecs to grab.  The result is electrifying!  And my nips have grown as a result.  I don't have droopy nipples like a nursing mother; however, when relaxed, the size of my nipples is larger and juicy-looking. 

Many guys report that their nipples are like their 'on' switch!  I know one guy who has such sensitive tits that he has to put band aids on them--even the brush of his dress shirt results in a boner.

This Muscle Boy has had Some Suction on Those Hot Tits...


We at gear essentials are all about bringing toys and accessories that make your sensual life more pleasurable and satisfying.  Based on our experiences (and those of our friends), we really felt that you would find great enjoyment from tit play.

Nipple Suckers from the Fine Folks at M2M


Try these 100% skin-safe silicone suckers.   They will make your nipples perk up and beg for more!   Just place them over your (or your partner’s) nipples during foreplay and watch as they grow firm, engorged and super-sensitive. Arousal is sure to follow as the sensitivity of your nipples skyrockets! Flick them gently (or roughly) for even more sexy sensation.

These nipple suckers have incredible suction and are easy to remove.  They will stay in place so you can use your hands for better things!  Dab on a bit of lip balm, lube or spit (no, we are not kidding!) for an even more secure seal.

Easy to clean in warm soapy water or use Swiss Navy Toy Cleaner to keep them showroom shiny!  (Waterproof for use in the water as well.)

Expand your sexual repertoire and get your high beams turned ON!  Want to give them a try?  Enter Promotion code NIPBLOG at checkout and get 20% OFF!  And as always--ENJOY!



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