Two great cock rings on two hot men:  The Titan and the Torque cock rings by gear essentials.


Stand by Your Man...and His Cock Ring

The Titan (left) & Torque by gear essentials


Both C rings are made of solid stainless steel right here in the heartland of America.  Built solid to take any beating you can give them, they are hard-core, comfortable and breathtakingly crafted.  In addition, they do everything you want a penis ring to do—keep the blood pumped in your engorged dick so you are bigger, fuller, stronger and can go the distance—every time.  And before you take your clothes off they leave you sporting an impressive package.  The fit and feel is ecstatic too.  And they do it with style—whether you want the classic simplicity of the streamlined Titan (available in three bandwidths, .2”, .4” or .6”) or the elegantly sculpted Torque from the Contour Collection.  You really can’t go wrong!




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