We just received the following e-mail from a mostly happy customer:
"I just received the ball weight that I ordered, and I must say... fantastic. Since I've never worn one I decided to get the lowest weight available. It feels really great. My only regret? is not getting a heavier weight. Anyway thanks.  Much appreciated!"

An IML Customer Double-Rings:  an 8 Ounce Split Ring Ball Weight Paired with a .6 Titan Cock Ring


It can be tough to determine the correct weight your first time out.  It depends on how low your balls hang currently as well as what your goals for wearing a ball weight are.  If you want to feel that glorious tug all day, you will probably want to start with the lightest weight (1/2" bandwidth, 8 ounces in weight).  If you want to stretch, go with the heaviest weight that will fit. 

We find that most guys want to 'go big or go home!'  Be aware of that and don't order something that is too heavy (the heavier the split ring weight, the wider the bandwidth--make sure you have the 'material' to fit!)

Personally I wear an 8 ounce during the day and a 24 ounce for special occasions!  [I have mentioned this before but I wore a 24 ounce ball weight for nine hours at International Mr. Leather (IML) last May and could not wait to take it off!  Yes, I was sore!]

I never thought I would love something I had considered 'fetish' but it feels great!  Life is short--ENJOY!



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