Every so often, someone comes into your life with such positive energy and enthusiasm that you are almost blindsided!  Erich is one of these people.  He recently discovered gear essentials and his response to us has been exuberant!  Erich has really been enjoying his products and is sharing pictures of them with us.  We will be posting these over the next few days.

We think you will agree that Erich is inspirational!

Erich Wearing His New CellBlock 13 Grappler Jock by Timoteo

Can You Spot His Cock and Shiny Brushed Omega C Ring thru the Mesh?


For his first order, Erich ordered the Grappler Jock (see picture above), a brushed finish Omega cock ring and a 16 ounce split ring ball weight.  (This is his first ball weight—he’s got balls!  It isn’t every day that a first time ball weight wearer can go for the 16 ounce / 1 inch bandwidth.  Erich is a rock star!)


Erich's Omega Penis Ring Makes for an Impressive Package in His CellBlock 13 Jock!


Erich and I exchanged several e-mails as he was figuring out his first order.  He wrote:  “you WILL be getting an order from me once every two weeks until i build my collection up! have been researching this for some time and am experienced with toys, rings, jocks... but in my area all of the aforementioned items are overpriced, cheap and do not last.”

We can guarantee that the solid stainless steel used in gear essentials' cock rings and ball weights will last longer than you do!  We realize that there are cheaper chrome-coated options but sadly they will pit, chip and rust.  (Check out the blog about my first metal cock ring (chrome)--and how it looks today!  NOT pretty!  And it's a potential health hazard.)


Erich is Already Blessed but His 2" Omega Cock Ring Makes His Dick Even Fuller & Harder


I told you Erich has it going on!  This handsome man is a tall one at 6’6” tall, 39 years old (but looks much younger), 215 lbs. and hails from Norfolk, Virginia.  He is truly a Southern gentleman and you will be seeing much more of him over the next few days!

Check out the Omega--and wrap it up in CellBlock 13!  It's a hot look and will lead to even hotter sex!  ENJOY!






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